Hello! You've reached Thien

Hey there! I’m glad you’re here. My name is Thien Dong. Currently, I’m a PhD candidate at the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology. My concentration is Strategy and Innovation. I’m particularly interested in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, technology commercialization, and strategic partnership.

Born and raised in Saigon, I guess you can say I’m a true Southerner 🙂. I finished my bachelor’s in my hometown and then my Master’s in Amsterdam. I’m now based in Atlanta. After a little while, I can now wholeheartedly say I love the city just as much as I do Saigon and Amsterdam. My favorite form of exercise is rope jumping (in fact, I don’t do anything else). In my free time, I love reading, writing cards, checking out secluded museums, and catching up on all the new shows my friends are talking about!


Some friends asked me why I had a website. Among others, Internet real estate is the only kind of real estate I can afford these days 🙂